Wednesday, November 10, 2010

Characters and Characteristics

Retold by Angela Lanyon

Characters and Characteristics

1.              Rumpelstiltskin
a.                        Sly and Playful
b.                        He likes riddles
c.                         A mysterious magical character
d.                        Insincere
e.                         Lonely (He has no family)

2.              Lisa
a.                         A sensible and thoughtful girl
b.                        Obedient to her parents
c.                         She becomes the King’s wife
d.                        She loves her son

3.              King
a.                        A greedy and selfish man
b.                        Impatient
c.                         Arrogant
d.                        Ungrateful with what he has
e.                         Forceful towards Lisa

4.              Father
a.                         A rather foolish boaster
b.                        He lies to the King about Lisa in which she can spin straw into gold
c.                         Selfish
d.                        At last, he regrets to what he had done to his daughter (Lisa)
e.                        Clever (He and his wife followed Rumpelstiltskin into the woods)

5.              Mother
a.                         A kind  but rather silly person
b.                        She loves her daughter
c.                         She realizes about her own mistakes
d.                       Clever (She and her husband followed Rumpelstiltskin into the woods)


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